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About Patrick Boffa

Patrick Boffa’s path towards fashion is unique: at the age of just six, his artistic journey began with dance. Later, as a graduate of the Paris Conservatory, he danced with prestigious companies for several years, while spending his spare time devouring fashion magazines.

Soon Patrick Boffa began to draw his first sketches and to drape directly on a Stockman mannequin that he found at a flea market, as such taking his first steps towards becoming a designer.

In 1998, he left dance behind to devote himself fully to fashion. As a stylist for several advertising campaigns and international magazines, he established his inspirations and refined his vision of style.

Patrick Boffa’s training as a classical dancer nourished his inspiration: fabrics and materials twirl around in a rhythmic ballet of textures and elegance. With this movement, the simplest and most minimal forms are transformed.

An increasing number of collaborations have enabled Patrick Boffa to develop a style and language continuing the legacy of designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, whose style dominated the world of fashion in the second half of the 20th Century.

Enriched by numerous collaborations with couture houses such as Guy Laroche and Torrente, Patrick Boffa decided to develop his own creative universe in 2017.

The designer plays with contrasts: his signature color of black—the most understated and unadorned shade—is juxtaposed with sensual forms that suggest femininity with silk.

LOOK BOOK Collection Couture 2018