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Jelena Malešević – MORFIUM

While we were working on this collection, we were traveling back to our beginnings of inspiration — archetype. We were inspired by prehistorical Balkan tribes and their fascination with triangles, circles, spirals and all that cosmic geometry in their minds and spirits.

All that poetry was made by women expressing themselves like artists as part of their everyday duties. We assume the clothes must also have reflected these same geometric shapes. So ‘ArcheTrip’ brings that prehistoric women to life again, 21st century style at Morfium .

These images are very of the moment, yet full of the tribal and warrior woman references that give meaning to clothes. ‘ArcheTrip’ is on trend but not in a copycat way. The looks feel very rich in message and meaning / in a way they are symbolic representation of the vision inspired by our ancient past but mixed with avantgarde And futuristic design.