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Elmira Medins is a designer of Tatar nationality, born in Ukraine, in the midst of a family of architects in an environment of artists.


She was very quickly from a very young age attracted by painting, fashion, travel and in general all subjects related to art.

At 15 she left to study design in Kiev in a college and she turned to shoe creation then year after year fashion, sewing, creation of accessories.


In 2010, at the end of her college, she opened her first workshop at the age of 20, she started with 3 collaborators, taking care at the same time of cuts, choices of fabrics and created her first collections, for example, she designed and made 66 different pencil skirt cuts in order to finally find the best cut.


She felt free to create following her clothing inspiration which she thought of from a very young age when she looked at this fashion which was presented in Paris in the 90s that she loved so much. It was during this period that elmira decided to make it his profession without giving up painting, his other passion, despite strong family opposition.

Beauty of the woman, elegance, Art Nouveau, painting, were sources of inspiration.